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Episode 35: The Brian Herzlinger and Brett Winn Sessions


Meet our friends Brian Herzlinger and Brett Winn, two of the filmmakers behind the award-winning independent documentary, “My Date with Drew”. In our interview, you’ll find out how these long-time friends turned a brainstorming session and $1,100 into a big-screen film about Brian’s quest for a date with Drew Barrymore.

We happen to think what Brian, Brett and their “Drew Crew” ended up with is greater than the sum of its parts. Not only did they make a “romantic comedy wrapped in the body of an $1,100 documentary” and get tremendous press coverage and industry buzz along the way, but they deftly chronicled a snapshot in time: from the technology of the day and what life was like in Los Angeles for people just starting out, to what it truly means to follow your dreams and celebrate your friends.

More than a decade after the release of “My Date With Drew”, these filmmakers sit down and share with us their fond memories of the project, including a heart-stopping moment when they got the call that would change Brian’s life just as the battery on their camera was dying and the tape was running out. They also dish about a proposed alternate ending that would have sent Brian on a date with a totally different "Drew". Fans of the film will hear how they came up with the perfect gift for “the woman who has everything” at the end of the film, and how much the movie has meant to fans around the world, some of whom were inspired to follow their own dreams.

Today, Brett and Brian are active in Hollywood on the production and marketing sides of the business (Brett is partner/creative director at The Refinery Creative), and they tell us all about their current projects. They also chat about how the filming techniques they used in “My Date with Drew” might have been a harbinger to the methods used on today’s reality TV shows. Enjoy our chat with these engaging filmmakers and watch “My Date with Drew” on Amazon today.


L-R: Brett Winn, co-host Danielle, Brian Herzlinger, co-host Brian


Episode 34: The Murray MacLeod Sessions


Meet our delightful pal Murray MacLeod, who regales us with tales from his long career as an actor and musician. From his 1967 Billboard-Top-20 hit "Sunshine Girl" (as part of The Parade) to his stints on all the biggest TV shows of the 60s, 70s and 80s, Murray shares fun details of his times in-studio, on-set and behind-the-scenes.

Murray is the son of the late Joanne Jordan, an actress best known for being one of the top spokesmodels on television in the 1950s. It was his mom who encouraged Murray to pursue singing and acting, and he would go on do so with great success. You'll learn how he literally knocked on the front door of Hollywood, and how a funny voice landed him his first recurring role. Later, he discusses how being "the guy with the guitar" got him other big parts. 

Murray tells us about working with legendary beauties like Donna Reed, Angie Dickinson, Lynda Carter and Farrah Fawcett, as well as with top actors like John Wayne, Richard Dreyfuss, James Garner, Raymond Burr and more. Whether onscreen as a character actor, or behind-the-scenes as a successful songwriter, Murray has done it all.

Murray also shares how he met his fabulous wife, Stephanie Edwards (our guest for Episode 6 back in March 2013) and talks about her recent decision to retire from hosting after the upcoming 2016 Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day. Sit back, relax and enjoy tales from a fascinating entertainment-industry career! 

Murray's hit record, "Sunshine Girl," with The Parade

Photos from Murray's acting career


Episode 33: The Kenneth Kokin Sessions


Meet our friend, filmmaker Kenneth Kokin.

Ken and Brian met back in the '80s when they attended the USC School of Cinema-Television together. Since then, Ken has collaborated with such filmmakers as Bryan Singer and Academy Award-winner Christopher McQuarrie - plus worked alongside stars such as Kevin Spacey and James Caan. His latest project is the feature film “Blood Moon,” which marks his directorial debut.

In this fun podcast, Ken and Brian fondly reminisce about their experiences making Brian’s senior project at USC, the award-winning documentary “My Friends, My Friends”. Ken shares how the friends he made in college led to him working on the acclaimed films “Public Access,” “The Usual Suspects” and “The Way of the Gun”. (You’ll love his stories of working with actors Gabriel Byrne and Benicio Del Toro.)

Ken also tells us about his efforts to bring the Whitey Bulger story to the big screen and how he could have been sitting next to America’s Most Wanted criminal at his local Barnes & Noble without even knowing it.

Enjoy this candid conversation with Ken, and learn how a young filmmaker works his way up from “Circus of the Stars” to producing features. It’s a story of perseverance and dedication, with a lot of great behind-the-scenes anecdotes. 

PS: This recording session marked our first foray into using Periscope! We hope to do live "scope-casts" of some of our upcoming recording sessions. Follow us on Periscope at the handle @FairleeShow.


Brian and Ken with the awards their USC documentary won.


Ken (left) and Brian (2nd from left) at the 1989 Focus Awards ceremony honoring their student documentary "My Friends, My Friends"


A very meta-snapshot from the live Periscope of our podcast, with Ken watching himself!


Episode 32: The Susan Lambert and Ty Freedman Sessions


She’s a fabulous producer and developer of new work in theatre, movies, the web and mobile games. He’s a teacher, performer and fifth-generation baker. Together, they’re the dynamic duo behind the fun new Internet cooking show for families called "Ty the Pie Guy." Meet our friends Susan Lambert and Ty Freedman.

In this episode, you’ll hear about how Brian first met Susan in college and how their paths have crisscrossed over the years. Then, Susan shares how she and her creative team brought to life a new musical (“Bend in the Road”) based on the beloved novel “Anne of Green Gables,” and how that led her to produce “Ty the Pie Guy.”

Meanwhile, Ty Freedman shares how a “bagel boy” ended up becoming an Internet sensation, and why he feels it’s important for kids to know how to cook. 

Join in the fun as we celebrate friends, food and creativity! And after listening to our chat with Susan and Ty, be sure to check out “Ty the Pie Guy” on YouTube and 134 West on Facebook for all the news about their upcoming projects!

Susan, Danielle, Brian and Ty!

Meanwhile, here's a fun promo for "Ty the Pie Guy" to whet your appetite: 


Episode 31: The Lee Norris Sessions

Meet Lee Norris, who at the young age of 33 has already racked up a 25-year career in television and movies. Best known as Stuart Minkus from “Boy Meets World” and the new reboot, "Girl Meets World” (, or as Marvin “Mouth” McFadden from “One Tree Hill,” ('s extensive resume spans his earliest days as Chuckie on “The Torkelsons” to the recent hit film “Gone Girl.”

Lee talks about what it was like being a child star in Hollywood and how a little kid from North Carolina got his start in TV. (For fun, we give his North Carolina roots a test with a silly game!) Lee also shares how “winning the parent lottery” ensured his normal upbringing, and we can vouch for that, since we first met Lee way back when he was just getting his start in the entertainment biz. 

Nowadays, Norris is a proud Wake Forest graduate and an equally proud owner of a rescue dog with his wife, Andrea. But he’s not on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll hear why social media isn’t really for him. 

Listen in for fun stories from the set of “Girl Meets World.” You’ll hear what it was like to audition for a TV movie directed by Goldie Hawn, and why Lee once shared the screen with a chimp. He also tells us why he’ll always be fond of characters who wear “nerd glasses.” And you might even hear why our very own Brian takes a sliver of the credit for the success of “One Tree Hill.”

Brian, Lee and Danielle

Episode 31 links:

"Californians Try to Pronounce North Carolina Cities" video:

“Everyone Loves Stuart Minkus!!!” fan compliation video:


Episode 30: The Justin Schuman and DeMarius Copes Sessions


In this episode, you’ll meet two rising stars who tell us all about touring the country with big name musicals: Justin Schuman (left) and DeMarius Copes (right). 

First up is Justin, who is fresh from the just-wrapped national tour of NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT. He gives us all the backstage scoop from this delightful Gershwin show, dishing on his favorite “eating cities” and how triple threats like him stay healthy and strong on the road. 

You’ll hear how he became proficient in playing exactly one song on the ukulele for NICE WORK; what it was like being a “swing” for a big show like ELF at the Papermill Playhouse, and how much he loved his young experiences at the acclaimed Stagedoor Manor theatre camp. Be sure to visit Justin’s website at and follow him on Instagram @schulaces for the latest on his career.  

Pro tip: You’ll want to keep an eye on this up-and-comer, because next up, he heads back to Papermill Playhouse to join the cast of the new musical EVER AFTER. There’s a lot of anticipation for this production and we wish him all the best!

Justin Links:

Our second half features DeMarius, who is now playing Henry in the first national tour of Disney’s NEWSIES. DeMarius discusses the whirlwind schedule of the young and energetic NEWSIES cast and what life is like as they sing and dance their way across the country. 

He gives us fun insight into his character’s backstory (see if you can pick up the details when you see the show) and talks about how dedicated the fans of NEWSIES (aka the “fansies”) are to their favorite cast members, even creating fan artwork and fansie Instagram accounts. DeMarius talks about the excitement of going straight from college at Rider University to a big-time national tour (of the first Broadway show he ever saw!), and how he sustains his body and voice on the road to do eight shows a week. 

Follow DeMarius on his official Instagram and Twitter (@demariusr_copes is his handle on both) to get a glimpse of all his adventures, and be sure to visit to find out when NEWSIES will be near you and to buy your tickets.

DeMarius Links:


Left: Danielle, Justin and Brian; Right: DeMarius, Brian and Danielle


Episode 29: The Kelly Lester Sessions


Get ready to "do lunch" with our friend Kelly Lester, the singing CEO of You might recognize her from her role as the head secretary in the film "J. Edgar" or as Lady Beauchamp in the television show "The Haunted Hathaways", but she may be more famous for the role she plays helping families streamline their lunch-packing!
An accomplished actress and mom of three, Kelly set out to make packing lunches for her daughters easier and ended up creating a line of lunch containers that have a dedicated and passionate fan-following. With millions of views on her Pinterest boards, and thousands of followers on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, Kelly considers herself a master curator of the lunch-packing community. So if packing school lunches has you down, or that sad workaday lunch you're eating at your office desk has you in the dumps, get to know Kelly and her products and she'll help you with a plethora of tips and ideas to make your meals "nom-nom-nom"-worthy.

In this podcast, Kelly shares her one-woman test marketing secrets; how she got her "Google MBA," and the steps she took to launch back in 2009. Since then, she's sold thousands upon thousands of her popular containers and cooler bags, and her business has been featured as a success story by Wells Fargo, HuffPost Live and Amazon. She's also found a way to involve her celebrity friends like Barry Williams and Sam Harris (and even her daughter's acapella group!) in the clever marketing videos on her site. And let's not forget the cookbook she wrote along the way!
You'll hear about Kelly's childhood in a creative family of actors and musicians. (Her dad is the well-known actor Peter Mark Richman, and she talks about how scripts just "landed on his doorstep" back in the day -- every actor's dream.) Today, Kelly is married to actor Loren Lester and they are parents of three talented young performers, Jenny, Lily and Julia. An expert at juggling it all, Kelly also talks about her own acting career, including news about her popular Doris Day tribute show, "It's Magic" and a role in an upcoming film with Eddie Murphy, entitled "Cook".


P.S.: You'll hear how we are not just early-adopters and avid users of the system, but we even featured these products way back on our Episode 2! Enjoy. And don't forget your lunch!

Danielle, Kelly and Brian, with some awesome
Kelly and her multi-talented family.


Episode 28: The Todd Buonopane Sessions


For Episode 28, we’re turning our podcast into a TODDcast! Meet our wonderfully funny friend Todd Buonopane, star of stage and screen. (Check out some of his memorable scenes on his YouTube reel here.) You might recognize him from his role as Jeffrey Weinerslav, the transgender human resources person on “30 Rock” or as Jean-Michel in the Broadway cast of "Rogers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella", or as Amos Hart in the recent national tour of “Chicago." (Broadway fans will especially love Todd dishing on all the celebrity stepmothers he worked with in “Cinderella" — from Fran Drescher to Sherri Shepherd to NeNe Leakes!)

You’ll hear about how Todd got interested in theatre as a child and how he parlayed that to earn a spot in the prestigious University of Michigan Musical Theatre program. He talks all about working in summerstock “barn” theatres, his many survival jobs in New York City, and how he and best-friend Celia Keenan-Bolger have always looked out for each other.

Todd shares fun stories from the Great White Way, having appeared in the Broadway casts of shows like “Grease” and the “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”. He also tells us how he kills time when his character isn’t on stage (Candy Crush Soda Saga, anyone?), and talks about why union membership is so vital for working actors on the stage and screen.

No stranger to TV commercials, Todd regales us with hilarious tales from the audition room — including a particularly amusing audition involving a Speedo and the New England Patriots. He also tells us what it was like to work on “30 Rock”, including Tina Fey’s take on Weinerslav’s anatomy.

Sit back and enjoy our TODDcast and then be sure to follow Todd on Twitter: @toddbuonopane. We promise. It's totally worth it. And if you’re in Virginia this month, be sure to check out Todd’s show “Lying in the Driveway & Other Stories” at Randolph College on Feb. 22 at 7:30 p.m. It’s free and open to the public. For information visit
Screenshots from our Skype interview with Todd.
Brian, Danielle and Todd after one of his performances of "Sleepless in Seattle" at the Pasadena Playhouse in 2013.


Episode 27: The Mark Lanz Weiser Sessions


Join us for a chat with composer, musician and teacher Mark Lanz Weiser, who is in the midst of a whirlwind of excitement surrounding the professional premiere of his opera Where Angels Fear to Tread, opening Feb. 7 through Feb. 22 at Opera San Jose, as well as the recent announcement of his selection as the winner of the Nissim Prize from ASCAP for his Symphony No. 2 (Sinfonia Magalhães). Mark shares with us the genesis for his opera (fans of E.M. Forster will rejoice) and talks about the thrill of it being professionally produced. Mark also fills us in on how reading a book about Magellan inspired his latest award-winning work.

An accomplished pianist, Mark takes us back to his early years and explains how he skipped the “most crucial years of piano development” for his love of baseball, and then regales us with his illustrious past as the bassist for a short-lived punk band named The Phallic Ice Cubes. Of course, he discusses his time at the prestigious Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University in Maryland  where his love of opera flourished. He also shares whether or not he ever experienced any Whiplash moments as a conservatory student and why tough teachers help weed out students who might be wavering at all about making a career in music. 

Now a music instructor himself at The Thornton School of Music at USC, Mark reminds us why we shouldn't only remember Mozart for being a child prodigy. He also discusses how playing the organ is nothing like playing the piano, and encourages everyone to check out the work of “rock-star organist" Cameron Carpenter online.

When he’s not writing, teaching or performing, Mark enjoys spending time with his lovely and talented wife, Amy Punt, a writer whose work has appeared on For more information about Mark, visit And for tickets to Where Angeles Fear to Tread, visit 

The composer with the poster for his opera.
Danielle, Mark Weiser and Brian


Episode 26: The Ken Marshall Sessions

Our guest this episode made his Broadway debut as Tony in the 1980 revival of “West Side Story” with Josie de Guzman and Debbie Allen. (Check out this 1980 footage of him as Tony in an appearance on "The Today Show".) He later appeared as Cinderella’s Prince in the 1986 premiere production of Sondheim’s “Into The Woods” at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatreprior to its Broadway run. (Yep. We pretty much die for his story of Sondheim bringing in the first draft of “No One is Alone” for the cast to sing.) He went on to star in the 1983 sci-fi/fantasy film “Krull” (just released on Blu-Ray) and then played a pivotal role on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”.

Enjoy our chat with bonafide music, theatre and screen star Ken Marshall. He shares how he got interested in acting at his Michigan high school (to impress a girl!), then how he delved into theatre at the University of Michigan and later attended Juilliard, where he studied alongside Robin Williams, Christopher Reeve and Mandy Patinkin, among others. You’ll hear about how his early theatrical work with young actors like Christine Lahti and Scott Bakula became stepping stones to Broadway and eventually to television and film. (We love how he compares having a lead role on Broadway to being an elite athlete, and talks about how actors must condition themselves for the grueling schedule.)

Enjoy our interview and hear how this kid from Michigan ended up traveling through Italy eating white truffles with illustrious Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni, and then taking on the lead in the star-studded miniseries “Marco Polo”. You’ll also get on-set scoop from Ken’s big-budget studio picture, “Krull”, on which he did all his own stunts. (To go deeper into "Krull," check out this great behind-the-scenes featurette called Journey to Krull" on YouTube.) He also shares tidbits from the set of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. 

Best of all, Ken picks up his guitar and shares his beautiful voice with us. Do not miss this moving musical performance, because once you hear why music is so important to him and his family, you’ll be a fan forever.


Danielle, Brian and Ken Marshall


Josie de Guzman and Ken Marshall





Ken Marshall as Colwyn in KRULL


Episode 25: The Yvette Lawrence Bishop Sessions


Meet our friend Yvette Lawrence Bishop (aka Yvette Lawrence). She's a true triple-threat best known for her role as Belle in the Los Angeles run of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast." In this episode, Yvette talks about her big break in the star-studded cast of the ill-fated Broadway musical "Nick & Nora," and how that led to roles on soap operas and in other major musical theatre productions. She talks about meeting her true love (that's right, this "Belle" married her "Gaston") and how family life led to her new passion as a theatre educator. 

Yvette also shares stories of onstage mishaps, brushes with Broadway luminaries like Elaine Stritch and James Lapine, and how soap opera fans (even the ones in prison) interact with characters from their "stories." Listen in for her take on tour life as a mom and what her dream role is. 

Today, Yvette is the director of performing arts at Chaminade College Preparatory High School in West Hills, California, where she's preparing for a season that includes a steampunk take on Shakespeare’s "Twelfth Night." Tickets are available now at Then, later this Spring, she and husband Stephen Bishop will revisit familiar ground in celebration of the show's 20th year, when The Chaminade Players stage their own production of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast." 

Keep an eye on this stellar drama educator because Yvette's students are regularly accepted into top college BFA acting and musical theatre programs, and many are now working professionally in the entertainment industry.
Yvette's Publicity shots from "Disney's Beauty & The Beast"


Episode 24: The Scott D. Peterson and Raymond Hill Mortuary Sessions


Scott D. Peterson

He was born on Halloween, so it’s only natural that this Emmy-nominated and multi-talented guy was just named to write and executive produce the upcoming Haunted Mansion special for the Disney Channel and Disney XD. Meet our friend Scott D. Peterson, who also writes for the juggernaut that is Disney’s “Phineas and Ferb.” (Fun Scott Fact: He’s credited as having come up with the concept for the recent smash “Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars” crossover episode.)

Listen in as Scott and Brian reminisce about pop culture, USC, and their illustrious student radio station pranks and shenanigans—including a poorly thought-out, mock death staging. You’ll also hear Danielle praise Scott’s “journalism” chops as they discuss his past job as a Bat Boy correspondent for the now defunct Weekly World News. Plus, you'll enjoy Scott's questionable guitar skills, while he shares how he got started in the entertainment business as a slime-wrangler and how seeing his name in print at a Scholastic Book Fair finally made him feel like a big shot.

Lastly, as we gear up for Halloween, Scott discusses the annual haunted house he and a friend helm in South Pasadena, CA. You’ll get inside scoop on the 2014 iteration, which is called Raymond Hill Mortuary and runs Oct. 18 through Nov. 1 at Fremont Centre Theatre, 1000 Fremont Ave. He also tells us how you can take in the special “Lights On Party” preview on Oct. 17. (Proceeds from Lights On Party tickets benefit the South Pasadena Education Foundation.)


Artwork for Raymond Hill Mortuary haunted house


Photo from the KSCR yearbook, created by Scott Peterson


Episode 23: The Danny Jacob Sessions

He's a successful song writer, composer and music producer for some of television's most-successful shows, including Phineas and Ferb and Sofia the First. Plus, he worked on songs for big animated movies like Shrek, Antz and The Road to El Dorado. And coming this week, he'll even be featured on a BMI panel at San Diego Comic-Con on the dynamics of music in film and television. Meet our friend, Danny Jacob, and yes, we think he's a rock star!

In this episode of our podcast, learn how rock guitarist Danny became one of Hollywood's most sought after composer-producers. You'll hear all about his career path, from touring with groups like Tower of Power, to being a sideman for Chaka Kahn, Elton John, Bette Midler and Ray Charles. He also talks about being "almost famous" as the lead guitarist of the 80s rock band Signal.

Danny tells all in our hilarious conversation -- from a humbling experience with Signal in Nebraska, to how his son introduced him to the music of Stephen Sondheim, to what it's like to have lunch with Slash. Best of all, you'll get inside scoop on the upcoming Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars episode, premiering July 26, 2014 at 9 p.m. on The Disney Channel. 

Sit back and enjoy our chat with Danny Jacob!

Info for Danny's BMI panel at San Diego Comic-Con:

Enjoy this music video for Signal's "Does it Feel Like Love":

And we couldn't resist sharing this shot of the band Signal, with Danny at lower left:

L-R:  Danielle, Danny and Brian



Episode 22: The Kuntz Family Sessions aka The San Diego Comic-Con Pre-Show


Dr. Maria Elena de las Carreras, Rebecca Kuntz and Dr. Jonathan Kuntz (L-R).

Get ready, fans of all-things-pop-culture-and-movies! In this episode, you meet one of our favorite families: Mom is Dr. Maria Elena de las Carreras, film critic and UCLA film professor; dad is Dr. Jonathan Kuntz, film historian and UCLA film professor, and daughter is Rebecca Kuntz, student at Sarah Lawrence College and super-fan of film, TV and theatre. Together they're an unstoppable intellectual force and a great repository of information about the past, present and future of film and television.

In this entertaining and educational roundtable, we learn all about the careers and interests of these experts -- including one of their favorite passions of all time, attending the annual San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). 

You'll hear all about the sights and sounds of Comic-Con, from the atmosphere in San Diego's Gaslamp District to the hoopla inside Hall H, where all the biggest stars of Hollywood converge to showcase new films every summer. The Kuntz family shares their favorite aspects of people-watching (Who knew cosplay involved mashups?) and their tips for surviving "Con." (Yes, there's an app for that.) And you might even get a few pointers on how to get your own tickets to Comic-Con, which famously sells out in minutes every single year. Long-time attendee Jonathan also offers his perspective on the changing face of SDCC, from sleepy comic-book convention to big-time Hollywood event.  

Pro tips: Be sure to follow Rebecca on Twitter when the Con opens on July 24, 2014, to read all about which panels she attends and which celebrities, authors, directors and VIPs she encounters. (And you can follow ALL tweets from Con by searching the hashtag #SDCC2014.) We also recommend viewing the wonderful documentary Comic-Con IV: A Fan's Hope to learn more about this annual event and the fans who attend. You can find it on Hulu+.

Back to this episode: You'll hear about Dr. de las Carreras' annual trips to Germany for the Berlinale, one of the world's top film festivals. She also shares a few of her favorite discoveries from recent years, including films like "Harmony Lessons," "Child's Pose" and "Caesar Must Die."

Plus, the entire family joins us for a speed round all about our favorite all-time films, the movies we're looking forward to, the best TV shows to binge-watch, and more. Sit back and enjoy our favorite film-expert family.

Episode 21: The Christopher Halsted and Ronnie Sperling Sessions


Christopher Halsted (left), Ronnie Sperling (right)

When it comes to dynamic duos, these two are truly dynamite! Meet our friends Christopher Halsted and Ronnie Sperling, who just teamed up to write their latest original musical, "Cirque Des Pirates" premiering July 11, 2014 at the Teenage Drama Workshop at California State University, Northridge. You may also know Chris and Ronnie from "A Faery Hunt," Los Angeles' longest-running interactive show for children. 

In this podcast, Chris and Ronnie take us through their collaborative process of writing a new musical from concept to completion. And they should know, because this is the fourth original show they've written for the Teenage Drama Workshop. Their previous titles include "Snow White and the Magnificent Seven" (no dwarves, just iconic film cowboys) and "Jacques and the Bean Stock" (in which young Jacques faces the giant threatening his fabulous French restaurant). 

We like to say Chris and Ronnie's original shows are 'Fractured Fairy Tales'-meets-'The Simpsons', because they are chock full of clever wordplay, references and jokes that kids and adults can enjoy together. 

When they're not writing original musicals, Chris and Ronnie are true renaissance men, working as actors for the stage, TV and film, as well as directors, teachers, writers, producers, musicians and more. Their many commercials have filled the airwaves for years. (You might recognize Ronnie as one of the sick PCs in those iconic Mac vs. PC ads, or Chris as the Chevy Silverado cowboy.) During our free-wheeling chat, Chris talks about his days in Imagineering at Disney and in the Wild West show at Universal Studios, and shares that today, when he's not acting or working with Ronnie, you can find him orchestrating custom corporate events or restoring the many vintage props, instruments or other treasures he acquires. Meanwhile, Ronnie tells us about his early career in acting, working alongside luminaries like Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. And he tells us how all these years later, he's proud to still be a working actor, director, writer and comedian in venues around the country. (We might add that Ronnie's also a highly respected teacher of improv to young people, with many of his students appearing on The Disney Channel and in other TV and film projects.)

Of course, teaching young people is one of Chris and Ronnie's greatest passions. And in our interview, they talk about why theatrical training is so important for young people today. They also offer sage advice to aspiring performers on a variety of topics, from auditioning, to having many sources of income (writing, performing, teaching), and even why it's so important to watch a lot of TV so that you can learn from other actors. Be sure to tell that to your parents, kids! 

Sit back and enjoy Chris and Ronnie. Then be sure to call the Associated Students Ticket Office at CSUN at 818/677-2488 to get your tickets for "Cirque des Pirates," because the performances will sell out! The show runs July 11-26, 2014 in Northridge, CA.
Top left: Ronnie and Chris perform together. Top right: Danielle, Ronnie, Chris and Brian. Bottom: Ronnie (right) in "A Faery Hunt."


Episode 20: The John Ottman Sessions

For this episode, we sit down with John Ottman, renowned for being both the editor and the composer of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, including The Usual SuspectsX-Men 2 and the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. He also directed Urban Legends: Final Cut.

You’ll hear John explain how one man can both edit and score a film — tasks that usually happen concurrently. (Ottman admits the daunting responsibilities take a toll on his personal life.) He also shares how editing and scoring basically come down to "telling stories and solving problems” — things he admits he is good at.

In our discussion, Ottman details how the Super 8 films he made as a child in his parents' garage set the stage for his award-winning career; why listening to classical music was the best training he ever had, and how growing up in the late ‘70s inspired his love of film music.

Having worked with top stars, Ottman also shares great stories about editing alongside Tom Cruise on “Valkyrie", and how being at a party with Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman and a piano resulted in a “dolly-in, zoom-out” moment. (Trust us, you won't want to miss that story!)

For a man who once judged his financial success on his ability to afford a daily Frappuccino, Ottman offers advice for aspiring composers (“keep your expenses low”). He also makes a simple request to fans of film music (“don’t judge a film’s score by the soundtrack album”), and muses on his secret dream job. You’ll never guess where this Hollywood powerhouse thinks about working.

Enjoy our chat with John Ottman, a true creative genius with an arsenal of talents. And then be sure to see X-Men: Days of Future Past when it opens Friday, May 23, 2014. (For LA residents, Ottman recommends seeing it in Dolby Atmos at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks.)

Danielle, Brian and John Ottman


Episode 19: The Joshua Sterling Sessions


Meet our friend Joshua Sterling who just released his first album RISE IN LOVE, available now on iTunes and Spotify. In our breezy conversation, you'll hear all about how Josh wrote and recorded his independent album with a little help from his friends. You'll also get behind-the-scenes scoops from his recent debut concert in Los Angeles, which featured an innovative, crowd-filmed video project, coming soon to

Josh shares his musical influences with us, from his favorite artists to his favorite songs, and he talks with us about the songwriting process. He also shares how his spirituality is the driving force behind his message of positivity. Best of all, he treats us to two -- count 'em, TWO -- live songs, including "Rise in Love," the title track from his album, and a special performance of his as-yet-unreleased and intensely powerful song "Pretty Please." You won't want to miss that one. Trust us.

After you enjoy our chat with Josh, be sure to visit iTunes to buy his album and check out his website. You can also friend him on Facebook. Josh also hosts his own podcast all about positive musicians and songwriting, entitled "New Thought, New Song: A Podcast". Give it a listen!

Fun fact: Josh is married to Bonnie Cahoon, our guest from Episode 17.


Episode 18: The David Glasser Sessions


Danielle, David and Brian

Meet our friend David Glasser, COO and President of The Weinstein Company. A former child actor turned movie studio executive, David is arguably one of the industry’s top producers, and he gives us the inside scoop on the business of filmmaking. You'll learn what it’s like to learn from Harvey Weinstein, and how The Weinstein Company has created a family atmosphere that attracts A-List talent, time and time again.  

David talks with us about his early start in commercials and television, and his first forays into the producing business. He offers advice to aspiring producers and explains how being on-set still excites him to this day. (Just ask him about the smell of breakfast burritos from the catering truck!) 

And for fun, he shares what it’s like to be in the rarified air of all the big Hollywood awards ceremonies with people like "Bradley" "Meryl" and "Julia." (Yep, that Bradley, Meryl and Julia.) He tells us how his beautiful wife Michele ended up seated next to George Clooney at the Golden Globes a few years ago, and how much fun it was to sit with U2's Bono and The Edge this year. (See photos below.) He also reveals what famous person recently left him star-struck.

David's story is one of hard-knocks and hard work. From the creative side of filmmaking, to foreign territory sales, to movie marketing, he's done it all and paid his dues. Yet, through it all, he's developed and fostered a deep love of movies and moviemaking. Blessed to learn from the best, he shares what it's like to shop for books with boss Harvey Weinstein, and what Harvey talks about at dinner with Quentin Tarantino. (Don't miss David's stories of being a young producer working in Cannes -- including his unforgettable encounters with Merv Griffin and The King of Pop.)

At the end of the day, David is not just a movie executive; he's a dedicated father and husband. Whether deal-making in a hotel at Sundance, or cheering for his kids at a game, he's equally enthusiastic. And we think you'll find his enthusiasm quite infectious! Enjoy our chat.

David (dark hair) as a young actor in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"

Screenshot of David and Bono at 2014 Golden Globes

Screenshot of David's beautiful wife, Michele, seated with George Clooney at the 2012 Golden Globes


Episode 17: The Bonnie Cahoon and Kelly Goodman Sessions


Bonnie Cahoon (left) and Kelly Goodman (right)

Meet our longtime friends Bonnie Cahoon and Kelly Goodman. No strangers to stage, TV and film work, they dish on the real-life struggles of working actors in Hollywood. From $0.01 residual checks to their scenes that got left on the cutting room floor, these two pull no punches.

Actor-writer-producer Bonnie tells of her path from cutting promos for ABC to recently winning a prestigious screenwriting competition, and all her career turns along the way. You’ll get behind-the-scenes dish from the set of “Death Becomes Her” (where she played Greta Garbo), and you’ll learn why Arnold Schwarzenegger told her at a party that he wished he was a butterfly. 

Actor-producer Kelly regales us with tales from her days as “80s-90s music video it girl” (catch her star turns in Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box and Ice-T’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous) and the woes of being typecast as “fat lady in a muumuu eating a corn dog.” And you’ll hear how, like her father before her, Kelly just can’t stay off the stage.

Their stories are the real trials, tribulations and triumphs of Hollywood life, played out on small improv stages, at commercial auditions, in VO sessions, on movie sets, and at oh-so-many callbacks. Best of all, they haven’t lost their sense of humor along the way. Enjoy this rip-roaring, raucous chat with two of our favorite “platonic comedy life partners” who arrived on our scene before Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson. (But we think they’re just as funny.) Someone, get these ladies the development deal they deserve!

Yes, that is a residual check for $0.01. Don't spend it all in one place, Bonnie!


Episode 16: The Dan Povenmire / Dr. Doofenshmirtz Sessions

Brian, Dan and Danielle (with an original "Spongebob and Squidward" by Povenmire on the wall)

We're back for 2014 with our biggest, most A-list guest yet! Not gonna lie. We feel like big shots, because we actually booked him through a publicist. That's right, folks, our guest has people. As in, "call my people." So we called his people, and he showed up! 

Get ready for fun, because in this episode, you'll meet one of the creative geniuses behind Disney Channel's mega-hit show Phineas and Ferb, our longtime friend Dan Povenmire

We go back in time with our college pal Dan to reminisce about our salad-days, when he was the beloved cartoonist for the USC Daily Trojan, selling his homemade books at the campus craft fairs and playing in a band called Keep Left. In our freewheeling interview, Dan shares how drawing those early comic strips and playing in that band helped set the stage for the animation powerhouse he is today. 

You'll hear about Dan's forays into music and film, but best of all, you'll learn about his rise to animation stardom--from his stints at The Simpsons, Family Guy, Spongebob Squarepants and Rocko's Modern Life, to co-developing Phineas and Ferb, on which he also voices the delightfully evil character of Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. (And yes, you might even hear from Doof on the podcast, too!)

Find out how Dan and co-creator Jeff "Swampy" Marsh pitched the P&F pilot, and what is was like the first time Dan saw all the licensed toys in stores. He even shares a fun story about texting Slash. Yep, that Slash

Sit back and enjoy our talk with Dan. We know you'll find him as funny, talented and friendly as we do, and you'll be cheering for his meteoric success right along with us. 

Episode 15: The Carnevil Sessions with Greg Wilson and Philip Solomon

In a special Brian-only episode of our podcast, you'll learn how to be part of the hottest, most-exclusive Halloween event in Los Angeles. Meet collaborators Greg Wilson and Philip Solomon, the masterminds behind Carnevil, an immersive magic and cirque experience opening Oct. 26, 2013 at The Doll Factory in Echo Park, 1910 W. Temple St.. 

Designed to be an "underground club experience," the 21-and-over performances of Carnevil (Oct. 26-31) will feature a world-class extravaganza of spellbinding magic, circus artists, burlesque babes, wild comedy, freaky variety stars and live "aerial" DJs, with surprises all around you. Note: A special "family-friendly" sit-down version of the show will run Nov. 1-3.

Regardless of which performance you attend, Greg and Philip promise that it will overwhelm your senses with world-class entertainment in a gorgeous setting. So listen and learn all about the show, and find out how to get tickets on the website. (We hear they're going fast!) And as a bonus for listening, you'll hear more about Brian's friend Greg Wilson, who is an acclaimed magician in his own right, as well as the scion of a famous magic family. Hear all about Greg's family's groundbreaking work in magic from the mid-1950s through today. He shares fun stories from their early days, including memorable performances all around the world. He even shares fun details from a recent show attended by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their kids.

Philip, Brian and Greg behind the scenes at CARNEVIL. 

Carnevil on ($35 special!)

Carnevil Facebook Page

Carnevil Website

Greg Wilson YouTube Channel

Greg Wilson Website


Episode 14: The Tommy Morgan Sessions

Danielle, Tommy & Brian

He's arguably the most famous harmonica player in the known universe, having been heard in more than 900 movies and countless television shows and commercials. Join us for our interview with music legend Tommy Morgan. With 7,300 recordings under his belt (and counting), you've surely heard his work in such movies as "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and "Toy Story 3" (Just call him "one-take Tommy."), or on such rock albums as The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds," or on four of his own albums. His harmonica-playing can be heard in the familiar opening to The Carpenters' "Rainy Days and Mondays" and on the beloved TV themes to "Green Acres," "The Rockford Files" and "Sanford and Son." Still in demand after six decades in the industry, Tommy shares studio stories from jobs with everyone from Brian Wilson to Quincy Jones to Barbra Streisand and even the kids on "American Idol: Season 4". He also tells us why harmonica is fast becoming a lost art. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind peek into music history. (And frankly, we hope the establishment takes note. That means you, "CBS Sunday Morning," "60 Minutes," Hollywood Walk of Fame and The Kennedy Center Honors: We think THIS is a guy you should be honoring!) From his role in Hollywood's most famous films and TV shows, to familiar commercials and hit music, we're sure you'll agree that Tommy Morgan is a star in the very best sense of the word. 

That's what 50 pounds of harmonicas looks like. About 70 instruments in there.

The master shows us how he plays a bass harmonica, which provides the signature sound you know from The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds"

Episode 13: The Doug Blush and Lisa Klein Sessions


They're the documentarians behind the groundbreaking film Of Two Minds, which shines a light on people living, struggling and succeeding with bipolar disorder. In this episode of our podcast, you'll meet daring filmmakers Lisa Klein and Doug Blush, who share their passion for this eye-opening genre of moviemaking. They discuss how "behind-the-scenes" features helped popularize modern documentary filmmaking; why documentaries are an important tool for social change, and how reality TV can be a great proving ground for new documentarians. 

Doug, an acclaimed film editor, also shares insight from his latest movies: Twenty Feet From Stardom and The Invisible War—including what it's like in the editing room when he's seeing powerful and heart-wrenching footage for the very first time. Doug and Lisa talk marriage and parenting and where they get their film ideas. (Future filmmakers take note: You should definitely read The New York Times.) Sit back and join us for this insightful chitchat with Lisa and Doug—two filmmakers really making a difference in the world. 

Danielle, Lisa, Doug & Brian
with our Of Two Minds poster!

Special congratulations to Doug & Lisa, who will be honored with a 2013 Voice Award on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at Paramount Studios, for their work on Of Two Minds. The documentary is among the honorees (including the TV show Homeland and the movie Silver Linings Playbook) for excellence in educating film and television audiences about the real experiences of people with behavioral health problems. For more information, or to watch the award webcast live on Sept. 25, 2013 beginning at 7 p.m. PDT, visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) website.

Of Two Minds trailer:

Twenty Feet from Stardom trailer:

The Invisible War trailer:


Episode 12: The Brian Palermo Sessions

He's been a mainstay of improv comedy, TV and movies for years, perhaps best-known for his numerous appearances on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Join us for a rollicking chat with Brian Palermo. (@brianpalermo) Find out why this alumnus of the legendary Groundlings main company is a familiar face to TV and movie lovers everywhere. We discuss his many roles, including his breakfast-burrito experience on the set of "Baywatch" and his stint as the very-last-non-'Friend' on "Friends." We also talk about how long it took to film his great scene in "The Social Network" for esteemed director David Fincher. He shares on-set dish from his many TV jobs, including "Two Broke Girls," "Monk," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Third Rock from the Sun," and "Malcolm in the Middle." He also discloses why he'll always be a loyal Leno fan and why he's most comfortable without a script. Plus you'll hear about his work on a new book entitled "CONNECTION: Hollywood Storytelling Meets Critical Thinking" (written by Randy Olson, Dorie Barton and Brian Palermo), in which he proposes blending the skills of improv comedy with the fields of science and communications. The book is due out Sept. 9th. (Of course you can always catch Brian doing mind-blowing, long-form improv on Wednesday nights in "The Crazy Uncle Joe Show" at the Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles.) 


Episode 11: The Kevin Stea Sessions


He's a renaissance man in the best sense of the world. Meet our friend Kevin Stea, one of the original "Newsies" from the 1992 Disney film and a renowned dancer in some of the biggest movies and music videos of all time. You'll hear all about his musical alter ego, That Rogue Romeo and his latest album of remixes, Rebuilt, available July 22. (Admittedly, we're a little biased about Kevin, since "Machine & Magic" by That Rogue Romeo is our podcast theme!) So join us for a fun chat as Kevin talks about his passion for music, dance, world travel, his dogs, and about his advocacy for dancers everywhere. In addition to listening to our podcast, be sure to check out all these links, because Kevin is everywhere in the social media universe:

Kevin's legendary "Khaki-a-Go-Go" commercial for The Gap

Kevin's YouTube Channel

Kevin's Website

That Rogue Romeo Website

Buy music from That Rogue Romeo on iTunes

Dancers' Alliance

Kevin on Twitter

Kevin on Facebook


Brian, Danielle & Kevin with the latest That Rogue Romeo album


Episode 10: The Randall Miller and Jody Savin Sessions


From left: Danielle, Brian, Jody Savin & Randall Miller

They're the dynamic duo behind such films as "Bottle Shock," "Nobel Son," "Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School" and the upcoming "CBGB." Meet the husband-and-wife, directing-writing-producing, powerhouse-filmmaking team of Randall Miller and Jody Savin. You'll hear about their start at the American Film Institute, including a particularly nerve-wracking trip to Monte Carlo with an Italian director. You'll learn how they worked their way up to become the highly-respected independent filmmakers they are today. And best of all, you'll get the inside scoop about their latest projects--the much-anticipated "CBGB" (starring "their muse" Alan Rickman), and the upcoming Gregg Allman biopic, "My Cross to Bear." We think you'll love hearing how Randall and Jody balance their big-time Hollywood careers with marriage and family, and we know you'll love their delicious repartee.


Episode 9: The Noah Parets Sessions


He’s taken North America by storm playing the title role in the current national tour of “Billy Elliot The Musical” for the past year. As 14-year-old Noah Parets prepares for his last few weeks on tour, he joins us by Skype to give us all the behind-the-scenes scoop. You’ll find out where he was when he found out he got the role of a lifetime. Plus you’ll hear which part of the show he thinks is the toughest and which part is the most fun. Best of all, you’ll hear about life on the road from Noah and his mom, Robyn, who joins us for the last few minutes of the interview. Take our word for it, you don’t want to miss Noah in this show. So act now, because there’s only a few more stops on the tour! For “Billy Elliot” tickets, visit For more about Noah, including the exact dates he performs (the role of Billy is played by several boys), visit, or check out And for Robyn’s blog about life on the road with Noah and the "Billy Elliot" tour, visit


With Noah after his thrilling performance as "Billy Elliot" at the Orange County Performing Arts Center on April 20, 2013


Episode 8: The ‘Speechies’ Sessions


It's the new web series that aims to do for speech and debate teams what "Glee" did for glee clubs—only without the music. In this episode, you'll meet Danielle Shvartsman, one of the young writer-producers behind "Speechies." A real-life speech and debate coach for a real-life high school and a real-life speech team veteran herself, Danielle is one of the creators of the "Speechies" series, which is coming soon to YouTube. Danielle explains why speech kids are so funny and why the world of speech and debate is series-worthy. More importantly, she answers the question: "Why the narwhal?" Guest host Matthew Fairlee joins us for our chat with this funny young lady. So, sit back and enjoy, or, workout and enjoy, or, drive and enjoy. And to learn more about "Speechies", visit the Facebook page or the Twitter feed for the show.


Episode 7: The Rising Stars Sessions: CJ, Devon Yaffe and Daniel Stewart


From left, meet CJ, Daniel Stewart and Devon Yaffe.  We call them our Rising Stars and we can't wait for you to get to know them.

First up is talented young singer-songwriter CJ, whose original song "Perfect Two" was featured on the soundtrack to "Hoodwinked Two". With her first solo EP coming soon, we know you'll love her story and her beautiful voice. Bonus -- she sings her forthcoming single "Across My Heart" live in our studio! Yay! Our first musical guest. You can check out CJ's Youtube channel here, and buy her signature "Infinity" necklace here.

Our next rising star is aspiring actor/filmmaker Devon Yaffe, whose documentary "Overcoming Adversity as a Gay Teen" recently took the blogosphere by storm. What began as his senior project at Hollywood High School has since been featured on numerous blogs, including The Huffington Post and on the Lance Bass Dirty Pop Show on Sirius XM OutQ.

And finally, you'll meet young actor Daniel Stewart who recently appeared in the acclaimed two-man play "60 Miles to Silverlake". He also appeared in the David Cromer-helmed production of "Our Town" at The Broad Stage in Los Angeles starring Helen Hunt, and the award-winning "Master Harold...and The Boys" at The Rubicon in Ventura. Listen in as he shares his hopes and dreams for being a young working actor in Los Angeles. (Update: Look for Daniel soon in a new Verizon commercial!)


L-R: Devon Yaffe, guest co-host Matt Fairlee, Daniel Stewart and Brian Fairlee in our studio.


Episode 6: The Stephanie Edwards Sessions


She's America's favorite New Year's Day date. Best known for her expert co-hosting of the annual Tournament of Roses Parade on KTLA, and for being the longtime spokesperson for Lucky supermarkets, Stephanie Edwards is a bonafide broadcasting legend. Hear about her childhood in Minnesota and her Hollywood dreams. Learn about how she got her start in broadcasting on Ralph Story's Los Angeles and then AM America, an early competitor to NBC's Today Show. (Enjoy this clip of Stephanie interviewing the Jackson 5 in 1971.) Hear her stories of a long career in Hollywood, including a funny behind-the-scenes moment with Rose Marie and Charo at The Hollywood Squares. (For the record, Stephanie has the best legs of the three!) You'll find out how she came to host the annual parade in Pasadena and why she feels it is an important American tradition. And yes, we talk about that rainy day in 2006 when she was relegated to doing color commentary down on the street instead of co-hosting the parade with Bob Eubanks up in the booth, and about how her many fans in Southern California helped her get the gig back in 2008. She also talks about that viral "cheap joke" that ended up on Jon Stewart and other late-night shows. Of course, Stephanie also shares how her deep faith has guided her life and how she shares that faith with others. Sit back and enjoy our wonderful friend, Stephanie Edwards.

Link to information about Faithlift 2013 featuring Stephanie Edwards on March 16, 2013.


Brian, Stephanie & Danielle


Episode 5: The Lost Martin Short Sessions


Ready for a trip into "The Brian and Danielle Show" vault? Join us for a fun walk down memory lane as Brian shares the nearly-three-decades-old tape of his first celebrity interview with none other than comedic genius Martin Short. Seems a recent issue of Vanity Fair reminded Brian about the long-lost interview. Now you can decide for yourself if Marty was "ambushed" (or "Pre-TMZ'd") by 18-year-old fanboy Brian. We think you'll enjoy hearing Martin Short just before his movie career took flight. (And who can resist listening to fledgling interviewer Brian?)  We couldn't agree more with the recent Vanity Fair article, which states that "Martin Short gives good talk show" -- even when he's being kind to a brand-new student radio reporter on his ill-fated first assignment.

VFMartyCover150.jpg MartyStory150.jpg

The Jan. 2013 Vanity Fair Comedy Issue and the Martin Short article inside. Highly recommended reading.


Dedicated Ed Grimley fanboy Brian at an early-'80s Halloween party with friend Bonnie.


Ed Grimley + Freddie Kreuger = Freddie Grimley? aka Brian Fairlee (circa early-'80s)


Episode 4: The Jeff Nimoy Sessions


Let's hear it for shirtless selfies! In Episode 4 of "The Brian and Danielle Show," meet Jeff Nimoy, the blogger behind Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy and the new e-book "The Cooking Caveman." Before we get to the diet that led to that ripped physique, you'll hear how a nice Jewish kid from Brooklyn found his way onto the set of "Three Men and a Baby" (thanks to his famous cousin, Leonard Nimoy), and then how he landed in Hollywood with a dream and a jar full of change. Find out how his successful "Bugs Bunny Rap" led to a bartending gig, how he scored an Emmy-winning stint with NFL Films, and how that led to a career in anime. Then you'll hear how a screenplay project led to Jeff's life-changing diet, which led to his popular blog and now his new dating website. It's all here in Episode 4. Enjoy meeting our delightful friend, Jeff.


Brian has Emmy Envy. (Circa-late 1990s)


Jeff Nimoy is legendary for giving one of the greatest baby gifts ever, the infamous "I'm with Stupid" onesies.


Paleo Orange Beef Noodles from Jeff's Sous Vide Challenge. Vote for him here. Hurry, voting ends TODAY, Feb. 4!


Jeff, Brian and Danielle -- friends for longer than any of us wants to admit.


Coming Soon: Jeff Nimoy


He's an Emmy-award winning writer/producer with new ventures galore. Joining us soon on The Brian and Danielle Show is Jeff Nimoy, the man behind Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy. We'll talk about his new book and his business venture,, which matches singles based on their dining preferences. Let's talk cooking and weight loss and dating and Hollywood...and maybe even some anime. Don't miss this episode with our charming, funny friend Jeff. Coming soon. Stay tuned.


Episode 3: The Sarayu Rao Sessions


Sarayu Rao. Remember the name. This terrific actress and Fairlee friend is on the precipice of major fame with her new David E. Kelley show "Monday Mornings" premiering Feb. 4, 2013 on TNT. Hear from Sarayu how being in the ensemble of "Pippin" in high school led to a lifelong love of acting. Learn about her time at the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. And find out what her "Monday Mornings" character, Dr. Sydney Napur, has to do with a goose. From her first big audition; to her guest spot on "The Big Bang Theory," to her stint on the Board of the Screen Actors Guild, you'll hear how hard work and dedication led to Sarayu's newfound television success.  We think you'll love her as much as we do.


Sarayu and Brian


The "Monday Mornings" ad in the Feb. 2013 Vanity Fair featuring Sarayu


Episode 2: The Favorite Things Sessions

Here's a special bonus preview of our show to thank you for sticking with us through all our technical problems. Son Matt joins us again as we channel our "inner Oprah" and share with you all our favorite things, including shiny lights and yes, "puppy raves." Sorry for the crazy audio levels; we're still learning and perfecting our audio setup as we gear up for our first celebrity guest in Episode 3, coming soon!


Fairlees’ Favorite Things - Links

Here are the items highlighted in our special bonus preview episode, The Favorite Things Sessions. Remember, these are items we really use, love and PAY FOR:

  1. The "Screwpull" Lever-Style Wine Opener:  (Note: The Screwpull is now manufactured by Le Creuset - Available at Williams-Sonoma)
  2. Cake-flavored vodka by Three Olives: (Visit the site for recipes; 21+ only, please!)
  3. Keurig coffee brewers and K-Cups
  4. Camera lens mugs can be found here, here, and here, just to name a few
  5. Starbucks app for the iPhone
  6. Halti head harnesses for dogs
  7. Easy Lunchboxes from
  8. Victoria's Secret PINK sweatpants in "boyfriend cut"
  9. SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  10. American DJ Royale Galaxian Laser Light. (For puppy rave clips, visit our Facebook page!)
  11. Tide Pods and Shout Color Catchers
  12. Daily Grace on YouTube
  13. "The Book of Mormon" soundtrack available on iTunes or from the show website
  14., TMZ on TV or the TMZ tour
  15. Sleep Number bed

Episode 1: The Les Mis Sessions

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on? Our pilot episode, The Les Mis Sessions, introduces you to The Brian and Danielle Show. Meet Brian. Meet Danielle. Meet their funny and talented sons, Ian and Matthew. Join us all for a rousing discussion of the "Les Miserables" movie and more.
Show links: (Links will open in new window)