The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 11: The Kevin Stea Sessions

July 18, 2013


He's a renaissance man in the best sense of the world. Meet our friend Kevin Stea, one of the original "Newsies" from the 1992 Disney film and a renowned dancer in some of the biggest movies and music videos of all time. You'll hear all about his musical alter ego, That Rogue Romeo and his latest album of remixes, Rebuilt, available July 22. (Admittedly, we're a little biased about Kevin, since "Machine & Magic" by That Rogue Romeo is our podcast theme!) So join us for a fun chat as Kevin talks about his passion for music, dance, world travel, his dogs, and about his advocacy for dancers everywhere. In addition to listening to our podcast, be sure to check out all these links, because Kevin is everywhere in the social media universe:

Kevin's legendary "Khaki-a-Go-Go" commercial for The Gap

Kevin's YouTube Channel

Kevin's Website

That Rogue Romeo Website

Buy music from That Rogue Romeo on iTunes

Dancers' Alliance

Kevin on Twitter

Kevin on Facebook


Brian, Danielle & Kevin with the latest That Rogue Romeo album