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Episode 15: The Carnevil Sessions with Greg Wilson and Philip Solomon

In a special Brian-only episode of our podcast, you'll learn how to be part of the hottest, most-exclusive Halloween event in Los Angeles. Meet collaborators Greg Wilson and Philip Solomon, the masterminds behind Carnevil, an immersive magic and cirque experience opening Oct. 26, 2013 at The Doll Factory in Echo Park, 1910 W. Temple St.. 

Designed to be an "underground club experience," the 21-and-over performances of Carnevil (Oct. 26-31) will feature a world-class extravaganza of spellbinding magic, circus artists, burlesque babes, wild comedy, freaky variety stars and live "aerial" DJs, with surprises all around you. Note: A special "family-friendly" sit-down version of the show will run Nov. 1-3.

Regardless of which performance you attend, Greg and Philip promise that it will overwhelm your senses with world-class entertainment in a gorgeous setting. So listen and learn all about the show, and find out how to get tickets on the website. (We hear they're going fast!) And as a bonus for listening, you'll hear more about Brian's friend Greg Wilson, who is an acclaimed magician in his own right, as well as the scion of a famous magic family. Hear all about Greg's family's groundbreaking work in magic from the mid-1950s through today. He shares fun stories from their early days, including memorable performances all around the world. He even shares fun details from a recent show attended by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their kids.

Philip, Brian and Greg behind the scenes at CARNEVIL. 

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Episode 14: The Tommy Morgan Sessions

Danielle, Tommy & Brian

He's arguably the most famous harmonica player in the known universe, having been heard in more than 900 movies and countless television shows and commercials. Join us for our interview with music legend Tommy Morgan. With 7,300 recordings under his belt (and counting), you've surely heard his work in such movies as "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and "Toy Story 3" (Just call him "one-take Tommy."), or on such rock albums as The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds," or on four of his own albums. His harmonica-playing can be heard in the familiar opening to The Carpenters' "Rainy Days and Mondays" and on the beloved TV themes to "Green Acres," "The Rockford Files" and "Sanford and Son." Still in demand after six decades in the industry, Tommy shares studio stories from jobs with everyone from Brian Wilson to Quincy Jones to Barbra Streisand and even the kids on "American Idol: Season 4". He also tells us why harmonica is fast becoming a lost art. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind peek into music history. (And frankly, we hope the establishment takes note. That means you, "CBS Sunday Morning," "60 Minutes," Hollywood Walk of Fame and The Kennedy Center Honors: We think THIS is a guy you should be honoring!) From his role in Hollywood's most famous films and TV shows, to familiar commercials and hit music, we're sure you'll agree that Tommy Morgan is a star in the very best sense of the word. 

That's what 50 pounds of harmonicas looks like. About 70 instruments in there.

The master shows us how he plays a bass harmonica, which provides the signature sound you know from The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds"