The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 17: The Bonnie Cahoon and Kelly Goodman Sessions

February 20, 2014


Bonnie Cahoon (left) and Kelly Goodman (right)

Meet our longtime friends Bonnie Cahoon and Kelly Goodman. No strangers to stage, TV and film work, they dish on the real-life struggles of working actors in Hollywood. From $0.01 residual checks to their scenes that got left on the cutting room floor, these two pull no punches.

Actor-writer-producer Bonnie tells of her path from cutting promos for ABC to recently winning a prestigious screenwriting competition, and all her career turns along the way. You’ll get behind-the-scenes dish from the set of “Death Becomes Her” (where she played Greta Garbo), and you’ll learn why Arnold Schwarzenegger told her at a party that he wished he was a butterfly. 

Actor-producer Kelly regales us with tales from her days as “80s-90s music video it girl” (catch her star turns in Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box and Ice-T’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous) and the woes of being typecast as “fat lady in a muumuu eating a corn dog.” And you’ll hear how, like her father before her, Kelly just can’t stay off the stage.

Their stories are the real trials, tribulations and triumphs of Hollywood life, played out on small improv stages, at commercial auditions, in VO sessions, on movie sets, and at oh-so-many callbacks. Best of all, they haven’t lost their sense of humor along the way. Enjoy this rip-roaring, raucous chat with two of our favorite “platonic comedy life partners” who arrived on our scene before Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson. (But we think they’re just as funny.) Someone, get these ladies the development deal they deserve!

Yes, that is a residual check for $0.01. Don't spend it all in one place, Bonnie!