The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 19: The Joshua Sterling Sessions


Meet our friend Joshua Sterling who just released his first album RISE IN LOVE, available now on iTunes and Spotify. In our breezy conversation, you'll hear all about how Josh wrote and recorded his independent album with a little help from his friends. You'll also get behind-the-scenes scoops from his recent debut concert in Los Angeles, which featured an innovative, crowd-filmed video project, coming soon to

Josh shares his musical influences with us, from his favorite artists to his favorite songs, and he talks with us about the songwriting process. He also shares how his spirituality is the driving force behind his message of positivity. Best of all, he treats us to two -- count 'em, TWO -- live songs, including "Rise in Love," the title track from his album, and a special performance of his as-yet-unreleased and intensely powerful song "Pretty Please." You won't want to miss that one. Trust us.

After you enjoy our chat with Josh, be sure to visit iTunes to buy his album and check out his website. You can also friend him on Facebook. Josh also hosts his own podcast all about positive musicians and songwriting, entitled "New Thought, New Song: A Podcast". Give it a listen!

Fun fact: Josh is married to Bonnie Cahoon, our guest from Episode 17.