The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 33: The Kenneth Kokin Sessions


Meet our friend, filmmaker Kenneth Kokin.

Ken and Brian met back in the '80s when they attended the USC School of Cinema-Television together. Since then, Ken has collaborated with such filmmakers as Bryan Singer and Academy Award-winner Christopher McQuarrie - plus worked alongside stars such as Kevin Spacey and James Caan. His latest project is the feature film “Blood Moon,” which marks his directorial debut.

In this fun podcast, Ken and Brian fondly reminisce about their experiences making Brian’s senior project at USC, the award-winning documentary “My Friends, My Friends”. Ken shares how the friends he made in college led to him working on the acclaimed films “Public Access,” “The Usual Suspects” and “The Way of the Gun”. (You’ll love his stories of working with actors Gabriel Byrne and Benicio Del Toro.)

Ken also tells us about his efforts to bring the Whitey Bulger story to the big screen and how he could have been sitting next to America’s Most Wanted criminal at his local Barnes & Noble without even knowing it.

Enjoy this candid conversation with Ken, and learn how a young filmmaker works his way up from “Circus of the Stars” to producing features. It’s a story of perseverance and dedication, with a lot of great behind-the-scenes anecdotes. 

PS: This recording session marked our first foray into using Periscope! We hope to do live "scope-casts" of some of our upcoming recording sessions. Follow us on Periscope at the handle @FairleeShow.


Brian and Ken with the awards their USC documentary won.


Ken (left) and Brian (2nd from left) at the 1989 Focus Awards ceremony honoring their student documentary "My Friends, My Friends"


A very meta-snapshot from the live Periscope of our podcast, with Ken watching himself!