The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 29: The Kelly Lester Sessions

March 13, 2015


Get ready to "do lunch" with our friend Kelly Lester, the singing CEO of You might recognize her from her role as the head secretary in the film "J. Edgar" or as Lady Beauchamp in the television show "The Haunted Hathaways", but she may be more famous for the role she plays helping families streamline their lunch-packing!
An accomplished actress and mom of three, Kelly set out to make packing lunches for her daughters easier and ended up creating a line of lunch containers that have a dedicated and passionate fan-following. With millions of views on her Pinterest boards, and thousands of followers on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, Kelly considers herself a master curator of the lunch-packing community. So if packing school lunches has you down, or that sad workaday lunch you're eating at your office desk has you in the dumps, get to know Kelly and her products and she'll help you with a plethora of tips and ideas to make your meals "nom-nom-nom"-worthy.

In this podcast, Kelly shares her one-woman test marketing secrets; how she got her "Google MBA," and the steps she took to launch back in 2009. Since then, she's sold thousands upon thousands of her popular containers and cooler bags, and her business has been featured as a success story by Wells Fargo, HuffPost Live and Amazon. She's also found a way to involve her celebrity friends like Barry Williams and Sam Harris (and even her daughter's acapella group!) in the clever marketing videos on her site. And let's not forget the cookbook she wrote along the way!
You'll hear about Kelly's childhood in a creative family of actors and musicians. (Her dad is the well-known actor Peter Mark Richman, and she talks about how scripts just "landed on his doorstep" back in the day -- every actor's dream.) Today, Kelly is married to actor Loren Lester and they are parents of three talented young performers, Jenny, Lily and Julia. An expert at juggling it all, Kelly also talks about her own acting career, including news about her popular Doris Day tribute show, "It's Magic" and a role in an upcoming film with Eddie Murphy, entitled "Cook".


P.S.: You'll hear how we are not just early-adopters and avid users of the system, but we even featured these products way back on our Episode 2! Enjoy. And don't forget your lunch!

Danielle, Kelly and Brian, with some awesome
Kelly and her multi-talented family.