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Episode 31: The Lee Norris Sessions

May 23, 2015
Meet Lee Norris, who at the young age of 33 has already racked up a 25-year career in television and movies. Best known as Stuart Minkus from “Boy Meets World” and the new reboot, "Girl Meets World” (, or as Marvin “Mouth” McFadden from “One Tree Hill,” ('s extensive resume spans his earliest days as Chuckie on “The Torkelsons” to the recent hit film “Gone Girl.”

Lee talks about what it was like being a child star in Hollywood and how a little kid from North Carolina got his start in TV. (For fun, we give his North Carolina roots a test with a silly game!) Lee also shares how “winning the parent lottery” ensured his normal upbringing, and we can vouch for that, since we first met Lee way back when he was just getting his start in the entertainment biz. 

Nowadays, Norris is a proud Wake Forest graduate and an equally proud owner of a rescue dog with his wife, Andrea. But he’s not on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll hear why social media isn’t really for him. 

Listen in for fun stories from the set of “Girl Meets World.” You’ll hear what it was like to audition for a TV movie directed by Goldie Hawn, and why Lee once shared the screen with a chimp. He also tells us why he’ll always be fond of characters who wear “nerd glasses.” And you might even hear why our very own Brian takes a sliver of the credit for the success of “One Tree Hill.”

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