The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 35: The Brian Herzlinger and Brett Winn Sessions

November 4, 2015


Meet our friends Brian Herzlinger and Brett Winn, two of the filmmakers behind the award-winning independent documentary, “My Date with Drew”. In our interview, you’ll find out how these long-time friends turned a brainstorming session and $1,100 into a big-screen film about Brian’s quest for a date with Drew Barrymore.

We happen to think what Brian, Brett and their “Drew Crew” ended up with is greater than the sum of its parts. Not only did they make a “romantic comedy wrapped in the body of an $1,100 documentary” and get tremendous press coverage and industry buzz along the way, but they deftly chronicled a snapshot in time: from the technology of the day and what life was like in Los Angeles for people just starting out, to what it truly means to follow your dreams and celebrate your friends.

More than a decade after the release of “My Date With Drew”, these filmmakers sit down and share with us their fond memories of the project, including a heart-stopping moment when they got the call that would change Brian’s life just as the battery on their camera was dying and the tape was running out. They also dish about a proposed alternate ending that would have sent Brian on a date with a totally different "Drew". Fans of the film will hear how they came up with the perfect gift for “the woman who has everything” at the end of the film, and how much the movie has meant to fans around the world, some of whom were inspired to follow their own dreams.

Today, Brett and Brian are active in Hollywood on the production and marketing sides of the business (Brett is partner/creative director at The Refinery Creative), and they tell us all about their current projects. They also chat about how the filming techniques they used in “My Date with Drew” might have been a harbinger to the methods used on today’s reality TV shows. Enjoy our chat with these engaging filmmakers and watch “My Date with Drew” on Amazon today.


L-R: Brett Winn, co-host Danielle, Brian Herzlinger, co-host Brian