The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 4: The Jeff Nimoy Sessions

February 4, 2013


Let's hear it for shirtless selfies! In Episode 4 of "The Brian and Danielle Show," meet Jeff Nimoy, the blogger behind Cooking Caveman with Jeff Nimoy and the new e-book "The Cooking Caveman." Before we get to the diet that led to that ripped physique, you'll hear how a nice Jewish kid from Brooklyn found his way onto the set of "Three Men and a Baby" (thanks to his famous cousin, Leonard Nimoy), and then how he landed in Hollywood with a dream and a jar full of change. Find out how his successful "Bugs Bunny Rap" led to a bartending gig, how he scored an Emmy-winning stint with NFL Films, and how that led to a career in anime. Then you'll hear how a screenplay project led to Jeff's life-changing diet, which led to his popular blog and now his new dating website. It's all here in Episode 4. Enjoy meeting our delightful friend, Jeff.


Brian has Emmy Envy. (Circa-late 1990s)


Jeff Nimoy is legendary for giving one of the greatest baby gifts ever, the infamous "I'm with Stupid" onesies.


Paleo Orange Beef Noodles from Jeff's Sous Vide Challenge. Vote for him here. Hurry, voting ends TODAY, Feb. 4!


Jeff, Brian and Danielle -- friends for longer than any of us wants to admit.