The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 7: The Rising Stars Sessions: CJ, Devon Yaffe and Daniel Stewart

March 27, 2013


From left, meet CJ, Daniel Stewart and Devon Yaffe.  We call them our Rising Stars and we can't wait for you to get to know them.

First up is talented young singer-songwriter CJ, whose original song "Perfect Two" was featured on the soundtrack to "Hoodwinked Two". With her first solo EP coming soon, we know you'll love her story and her beautiful voice. Bonus -- she sings her forthcoming single "Across My Heart" live in our studio! Yay! Our first musical guest. You can check out CJ's Youtube channel here, and buy her signature "Infinity" necklace here.

Our next rising star is aspiring actor/filmmaker Devon Yaffe, whose documentary "Overcoming Adversity as a Gay Teen" recently took the blogosphere by storm. What began as his senior project at Hollywood High School has since been featured on numerous blogs, including The Huffington Post and on the Lance Bass Dirty Pop Show on Sirius XM OutQ.

And finally, you'll meet young actor Daniel Stewart who recently appeared in the acclaimed two-man play "60 Miles to Silverlake". He also appeared in the David Cromer-helmed production of "Our Town" at The Broad Stage in Los Angeles starring Helen Hunt, and the award-winning "Master Harold...and The Boys" at The Rubicon in Ventura. Listen in as he shares his hopes and dreams for being a young working actor in Los Angeles. (Update: Look for Daniel soon in a new Verizon commercial!)


L-R: Devon Yaffe, guest co-host Matt Fairlee, Daniel Stewart and Brian Fairlee in our studio.