The Brian and Danielle Show


Episode 8: The ‘Speechies’ Sessions

May 27, 2013


It's the new web series that aims to do for speech and debate teams what "Glee" did for glee clubs—only without the music. In this episode, you'll meet Danielle Shvartsman, one of the young writer-producers behind "Speechies." A real-life speech and debate coach for a real-life high school and a real-life speech team veteran herself, Danielle is one of the creators of the "Speechies" series, which is coming soon to YouTube. Danielle explains why speech kids are so funny and why the world of speech and debate is series-worthy. More importantly, she answers the question: "Why the narwhal?" Guest host Matthew Fairlee joins us for our chat with this funny young lady. So, sit back and enjoy, or, workout and enjoy, or, drive and enjoy. And to learn more about "Speechies", visit the Facebook page or the Twitter feed for the show.